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"Ash & Orange" from The Wind Doesn't Blow Here
"How Do I Continue" from The Wind Doesn't Blow Here
"Something Askew" from The Wind Doesn't Blow Here

Music by Lydia Breckon and Words by Tristen Moseley

"If You Could Talk" from Mimosa
"When You're a Plant" from Mimosa

Music by Danny Ursetti with Lyrics by Lauren Tazlitz

"You Can't Run" from McCobb Mortality Services
"Nice People" from McCobb Mortality Services
"Claim It" from Refresh
"Lost" from Refresh

Book/Music/Lyrics by Marcus Perkins and Kim Jinhyoung

"Mi Oración" from Ramona

Book/Lyrics by K. Hernandez Friend

"Another Call" by Lauren Tazlitz & Danny Ursetti

Voice Over

Fiverr Commercial
Great Wolf Lodge Commercial
Frozen Audiobook Sample en Español
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